Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 26,2011

I can't believe it's that time of year again....

"Let it Snow" Nanny's Miniatures
Bite size cookies sold by the dozen

Nanny's Sugar Cookies is located in Fredericksburg, VA.
Sorry, I do not ship the cookie favors.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

Assorted cookie favors.
 Wouldn't these cookies make a yummy
 addition to your Turkey Day Feast?

Turkey cookie favor

"Pumpkin Pie" cookie favor

Packaged cookie favor

"Autumn Pumpkin" cookie favor

Nanny's Gourmet Apple
This would definitely be a
yummy, decadent addition to
any Thanksgiving Feast!

November 2011

Cookies for a Baptism Celebration...

Nanny's Miniatures
Bite size cookies sold by the dozen.
Minimum of 6 dozen required when ordered alone.

Plaque cookie favor

Pricing info on the "Cookie Pricing" Page

Nanny's Sugar Cookies is located in
Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Sorry... I do not ship cookie favors.

November 2011

The Pampered Pooch...

Large cookie favor

Do You Need a Gift?

Boxed Cookie Gift Assortment

The cookies are nestled
in layers inside the tissue
 paper lined box.

This "Thinking of You" assortment is a perfect
gift to give to someone special.

The second layer of cookies.

November 2011

Celebrating a birthday.....

"Stacked Birthday Gifts" 
cookie favor

"Tiered birthday Cake" 
cookie favor

"Birthday Princess" Crown
Personalized cookie favor

"Birthday Cake" 
Hand-cut Cookie favor

 Character cookie 
"Specialty" Cookie favor 

Character cookie 
"Specialty" Cookie favor

November 2011

Nanny's Miniatures...

Miniatures are perfect for a party
when placed on a platter.

Assorted "Winter Time" Miniatures

Baptism Miniatures

November 2011

"Mini Collections"

"Baby Faces & Posies" Mini Collection

"Polka Dots & Posies" Mini Collection

"Snowman Face" Mini Collection

"Snowman" Mini Collection

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 2011

A Seasonal Favorite...

Nanny's Gourmet Apples

Nanny's Gourmet Apples are an excellent choice for the
health-conscious chocolate lover!

Granny Smith apples are hand-dipped in heavenly caramel,
a generous trio of delicious chocolate,
and each is packaged in a
cello bag and tied with 2 coordinating ribbons.

A perfect marriage of sweet and tart.
This seasonal favorite is Too large not to be shared!

This is a Seasonal Specialty and requires a
*Minimum Order of 2 Apples*
Not available during the warm weather months.

For Gourmet Apple pricing please go to the
"Cookie Pricing" page at the top of the blog.

This item may contain nut fragments in the caramel