Thursday, November 2, 2017

UPDATE : Cookie Schedule Availability

 Another Month Has Come and Gone....
To my utter frustration my prognosis is unchanged.
I am still suffering from a neurological disorder 
affecting both of my arms, hands and right side of my face.
The symptoms continue to impact my daily activities.

Regarding Nanny's Sugar Cookies LLC -
  I am working on cookies at a limited capacity
 Therefore, I will not be accepting any new orders
I will only be working on the Standing Orders during the
remaining weeks of 2017

This revelation saddens me but ultimately I
know it is a decision I must make and stand by
 through the remainder of the 2017 year.

Keeping Happy Thoughts for a Healthy & Busy Cookie Year in 2018!!

Nanny's Sugar Cookies LLC
is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia