Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cookie Schedule Availability Follow-up...

September is just about gone and I want to give another update -

I am currently suffering from a neurological disorder affecting both of my hands and arms. 
This is a result from multiple Yellow Jacket stings to one of my hands during the 4th of July Weekend. 
The symptoms that I have been dealing with are impacting my daily activities but most importantly making it very difficult and painful to work on cookies.
The Neurologist does not have a time frame 
as to when this will subside.
Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and this will be gone!
So until then, I can only work on the orders
 that I committed to several months ago.
I do apologize 
and I hope I will be announcing soon 
that I am accepting New Orders.

A couple pictures from last year

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cookie Schedule Availability...

It is now September 1st 
and I am still dealing with the health issue that
is affecting both of my arms and hands (which are very important when baking and decorating cookies, not to mention tying all of the ribbons)
Unfortunately until this issue is resolved, I can not accept
any cookie orders for the month of September.
The Holiday Season is approaching and I certainly 
need to be baking and decorating again very soon!