Cookie Pricing

Effective January 2019

*Minimum order of one dozen cookies is required.

*Orders are available for Local pick up and delivery in Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

*Because I only take a limited amount of orders per week, my Cookie Schedule books quickly. A minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice is appreciated when placing an order, providing there is availability on my cookie schedule. Please order early to avoid disappointment.

*To place an order go to the "Contact Me" page at the top of my website or send an e-mail

Price Guidelines for Cookie Favors
(effective 1/2019)

Cookie Favor:
Each cookie is individually wrapped in a clear crisp cello bag and tied with coordinating ribbon. Cookie favors are perfect for parties, bridal/baby showers, and weddings. A thoughtful gift to send home with your guests.

Cookie Favor (3"- 4") $4.00 ea.
(Base price)

Cookie Favor with Mini Cookie - $4.50

Combo Cookie Favor - $5.00 each

Trio Cookie Favor - $5.00 each

Large Cookie Favor - Starting at $5.00

Extra Large Cookie Favor- Starting at $8.00 

Extra Large Cookie Favor
with Coordinating Cookie - Starting at $9.00

  Cookie Favor Options:

Personalized Cookies - $0.25 cents extra per cookie
(adding a name or date)
$0.50 cents extra per cookie  (for name and date or short message)

Hand-cut Cookies - $0.50 cents extra per cookie
( If I don't have a cutter, I need to create a template and hand cut each cookie - labor intense)

"Specialty" Cookies - $0.50 cents extra per cookie
(Monograms, Character cookies and designs that require the use of the KopyKake projector. Very detailed and custom designs $1.00 extra per cookie)

Multi-Cutter Cookies - $0.25 cents extra per cookie
(combining cookie cutters to create one cookie)

Nanny's Miniatures-
Starting at $8.00 per dozen

Cute and equally delicious, these "bite size" cookies range in size from 1-2 inches.  Each dozen is wrapped in a clear cello bag tied with ribbon. Many themes are available.
  A minimum of 6 dozen is required when only ordering Nanny's Miniatures.

$8.00 per dozen - 12 Mini cookies per bag tied with ribbon

$6.00 per 1/2 dozen - 6 Mini cookies per bag tied with ribbon

Mini Collections - 
Starting at $5.00
A Mini Collection is an assortment
 of 4 - 5 mini edible works of art.

4-5 Miniature cookies packaged in a vertical clear narrow cello bag and tied with ribbon.

Boxed Cookie Gift Assortments
Starting at $45.00

The Assortment contains cookies varying in size that are placed in a white bakery box tied with ribbon. The inside of the box is lined with tissue paper. The individually wrapped, heat sealed cookies are placed between layers of natural shred creating a cozy bed for the cookies. Many themes are available such as Birthday, Baby, Thank you, Get Well and Wedding. The possibilities are endless! Perfect for gift giving.

Cookie Platters -

Nanny's Cookie Platter
16 med. size cookies
1 personalized cookie
12 Miniature cookies
(No hand-cut or specialty designs)

Nanny's Custom Platter
This platter has Hand-cut,
Character and/or Custom cookie designs.
This Platter contains the same amount of 
cookies as the"Nanny's Cookie Platter"
 (described above)

Nanny's Miniatures Platter
6 dozen Miniatures
1 personalized cookie

For an additional charge
The following can be added to a cookie platter-
(Examples on the "Cookie Platter" Page)

$4.00 - 1 extra personalized cookie

Deposit Policy for large orders

***Because I only take a limited amount of orders per week, I have to block off time on my cookie schedule for large orders. A deposit is required to secure the date on my cookie schedule, providing the date is available.
* Deposit Policy... *
50% deposit is required to secure the date on my cookie schedule. (the date will not be secure until the deposit is received)

If the order is cancelled 3 weeks prior to delivery, half of the deposit will be  returned.
NO REFUND will be issued if the order is cancelled less than 3 weeks prior to delivery.