Cookie Platters

Cookie Platters make the perfect addition 
to any party, special event or to give as
 A hostess gift.
Nanny's Sugar Cookies offers 
3 Cookie Platter Options.

Nanny's Cookie Platter
16 med. size cookies 
1 personalized cookie
12 Miniature cookies
(No Hand-cut, Character or Specialty designs)

Nanny's Custom Platter
The "Custom Platter" has Hand-cut,
Character and/or Specialty cookie designs.
This platter contains the same amount of cookies
as the "Nanny's Cookie Platter" (Described above)

Nanny's Miniatures Platter
6 dozen Miniatures
1 personalized cookie

For an additional charge
The following can be added to a cookie platter-

$4.00 - 1 extra personalized cookie

Cookie Platter Samples:

Nanny's Cookie Platter

Nanny's Cookie Platter

Custom Cookie Platter
  hand-cut Fire Trucks.

Nanny's Cookie Platter
(with 1 extra personalized cookie)

Custom Cookie Platter
(this platter has 1 extra personalized cookie)

Custom Cookie Platter

Please Note-

A  cookie platter that has "Hand-cut", "Character" and/ or a Specialty design cookies
 will be considered a "Custom Cookie Platter"

        Extra Personalized Cookie - $4.00

Prices are subject to change at any time