Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet SugarBelle does it again...

If you love creating cookies, you have to check out the Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.

She is so creative and best of all, she shares her creativity with everyone!
After I saw her Leggy Little Witches, I couldn't wait to make them myself. Usually when I am inspired by a cookie design, I change it up a bit, I certainly do not want to be a copycat
 I love everything about her cookie design, so I hate to say it but I copied her.
(I do think hers is pure perfection)
Because it is not my creation I could not put my name on the picture below and must say as loudly as possible "Thank you SugarBelle!"
Don't forget to pop on over to her blog, you will be amazed!

Witchy Leggs cookie favor

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