Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas 2015

 Multi Cookie Cutter Designs 
 add additional time to the baking process.
However, creative designs are the end result. 

"VW Bug Carrying a Pine Tree"
Multi Cutter Design Cookie Favor

Cookie Favor info & pricing available
On the "Cookie Pricing" page

This Christmas Card was the inspiration 
for this Multi Cutter Design

"Pick up Truck with Tree"
Hand -Cut Cookie Favor

"Snowman Family"
  Multi Cutter Design Cookie Favor

In November I found this 
boxed Snowman Family cookie cutter set 
at Home Goods. It is the  newest 
addition to my cookie cutter collection.

"Snowman Holding a Candy Cane"
                                            Cookie favor

"Double White Snowflake"
Multi Cutter Design Cookie Favor

"Gingerbread Boy Holding a Candy Cane"
Cookie Favor

Gingerbread Boy with Santa Hat"
Cookie Favor

Gingerbread Man with Candy Cane & Santa Hat"
Multi Cutter Design Cookie Favor

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