Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mother's Day 2018...

Assorted Mother's Day Cookie Favors

"Mom Watering Can with mini flower"
Cookie Favor with mini cookie 

"Mom Teacup Filled with Posies"
Hand-cut Cookie Favor

"Mom Flower Bouquet" Vertical Plaque
Cookie Favor

"Mom Mason Jar with mini Flower"
Cookie Favor with mini cookie

"Happy Mother's Day Mason Jar with Mini Flower"
Cookie Favor with Mini Cookie
"Happy Mother's Day Blue Mason Jar"
Cookie Favor

"2018 Happy Mother's Day" Plaque
Cookie Favor

"Happy Mother's Day" Heart
Cookie Favor 
"Mom" Heart
Cookie Favor

"Mother's Day" Theme
(Teapots, Flower pots & Posies)
Nanny's Miniature

Nanny's Sugar Cookies LLC
is located in
Fredericksburg, Virginia

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